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Les voiles du vieux port 2012


Les Voiles du Vieux Port is a village but also a prestigious Fleet Guarantors of preserving the history of yachting and international maritime heritage, yachts participating in this regatta were built between the second half of the 19th and the end the 20th century.

These ships carry on from generation to generation the passion and expertise of owners, architects, builders, owners and crew and we pass their magnificent heritage: • Yachts ‘d’ Epoque “constructed of wood or metal, launched before 31 December 1949 comply with the spirit of their original plans. • The Yachts “Classic” made ​​of wood or metal, launched before December 31, 1975. •

Yachts “Spirit of Tradition” built in 1970 using modern techniques and materials, but with a look and a style faithful to a traditional vintage or classic project.